Our People, Our Climate: Visualizing Climate Change Through Hemispheric Dialogue

Dr. Olaf Kuhlke and Tony Eetak discuss the Our People, Our Climate project at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Qaumajuq in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our People, Our Climate: Enhancing the skills of youth to decide on the future of our planet

Entitled Our People, Our Climate, this innovative, international and community-driven project is both an artistic showcase and skills development program. Youth and young adult participants will learn the art of documentary storytelling using still photography, videography, drone aerial technology and interview techniques.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Feb 18: Race and Systemic Bias in Arctic Sciences

Join us on Feb 18 for a special workshop during Arctic Science Summit Week in Vienna, Austria.

The Race and Systemic Bias in Arctic Sciences workshop will now take place February 18, 2023 as part of Arctic Science Summit Week 2023 in Vienna, Austria with support from Cardiff University, the International Arctic Science Committee and the Austrian Polar Research Institute. 

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