International Collaboration

Canada – US Collaboration

Our People Our Climate: Visualizing Climate Change Through Hemispheric Dialogue

This project began with creating a reusable and replicable curriculum for a synchronous 8-week online course on the visualization of climate change in Arctic, mid-latitude as well as tropical locations, namely Canada (Nunavut), Honduras, Colombia and the United States (Duluth, MN). The program began in October/November 2021.

Local partner organizations included West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative (Toronto and Kinngait, Canada) and GRULAC Junior (The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Youth Group). In 2022, the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse-funded digital and cultural entrepreneurship incubator joined the project.

HANDS-ON: The Incubator team learns from in-person visits with entrepreneurs including Constance Menzies at Chocolatier Constance Popp in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Photo: Jamie Bell

The photography/videography components of supported projects were piloted and tested over the course of three years with Canadian and American youth as a part of a 2018-2021 National Science Foundation grant (Award #1758814), and the purpose of this initiative is to expand on the original themes and extend the original Arctic focus of climate change visualization work across hemispheres and Indigenous Nations.

The results of the Our People Our Climate project were collected and shared in a virtual gallery at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts, and distributed during the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (COP26) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as visual documentation of student work for their respective policy conversations in November 2021.