Future funding strategy

This SDG application, and possible funding, will provide resources for partnerships outside of the United States and hopefully seed successful NSF funding … further funding opportunities may emerge through this network of scholars. The team will pursue Canadian funding sources.

2021 Budget Justification ($20,000 total requested)

Subcontracts: We are seeking $6,000 in support for our main collaborators, WBEC and GRULAC Jr. to hire translators for the curriculum and curriculum designers that will place the online work into a shared learning management system. Each institution will receive $3,000. 

Communications: The costs listed here, totalling $6,400, are solely allocated for bandwidth. In both the Canadian Arctic and South America, bandwidth is expensive and our students will need access to extended data sharing, since they will be uploading and sharing video and photography. The $6,400 will serve 20 students over the course of four months (two eight-week cohorts) and provide gigabit access at $80 per month. 

Equipment: We are budgeting $2,800 for computer support for the project, specifically for the purchase of …

Undergraduate Student Support: A UMD or MCAD undergraduate student will serve as a project assistant for the entire project, and specifically work as a communications and data assistant with Dr. Kuhlke, coordinating and recording Zoom meetings, collecting participant video and image data, and cataloguing/analyzing data.