Learning Platform

It’s time for new experiences.

Our program is new. An experimental urban and land-based arts and culture training program aimed at incubating next-generation Indigenous talent.

We’re exploring new technologies and platforms for emerging Indigenous youth and culture connectors to learn skills from the palm of their hands – in whatever community they live – whether urban, rural or remote. The platform will also serve as a marketplace to match these youth with one another, building virtual communities and including mentors and Elders, to support their further arts education and knowledge.


Incubating Next Generation Talent

This exciting new initiative matches Indigenous youth with potential new employers, who are seeking their skills.

It builds upon proven cultural entrepreneurship training to foster new arts industry employment through a careful balance of traditional knowledge, science and modern technologies. Indigenous artists from Northwestern Ontario, Nunavut and Manitoba learn alongside an inclusive, international team of technology entrepreneurs, professional artists and researchers.

This pilot arts-oriented economic development initiative aims to support the design and testing of a culturally-aligned and community-focused digital creative incubator facilitating development of new artistic and cultural training opportunities and jobs for remote and rural artists and cultural connectors. 

With support of strategic innovation funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and its new Digital Greenhouse program, our exploratory Digital Arts and Culture Incubator project seeks to capitalize on one specific opportunity and challenge: The increasing reliance and utilization of digital communication technologies and collaborative hardware/software solutions to connect physically remote locations with each other and major urban centers.



Innovation & digital transformation

We greatly appreciate and acknowledge the support of strategic innovation funding from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse Program for making this pilot program possible. 

The Digital Greenhouse is a digital innovation initiative for Canadian individuals, groups and organizations. It supports short-term projects that leverage digital technology to address sectoral and digital challenges, including:

  • the development of new digital tools and solutions that increase the resilience, sustainability, and discoverability of the arts sector
  • the development of sector-wide and cross-sector collaborations, partnerships, and networks to support innovative digital business models, revenue models and monetization strategies
  • sectoral approaches aimed at strategically increasing the digital/data literacy and ongoing digital transformation of the arts sector
  • addressing challenges and exploring digital solutions related to accessibility, equity, diversity, decolonization, social justice, and climate responsibility created by, or relevant to, the digital world
  • addressing challenges and exploring solutions related to the lack of access to digital infrastructure for remote regions and Northern and under-represented communities.

Examples to Learn From: The Indigenous Talent Portal

One of the most interesting new initiatives we’ve learned about for skills development and training in our journey so far is the Government of Canada’s Talent Cloud initiative. It’s an excellent example we’d like to learn more from.

HANDS-ON: The Incubator team learns from in-person visits with entrepreneurs including Constance Menzies at Chocolatier Constance Popp in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Photo: Jamie Bell

Examples to Learn From: Inclusion in Northern Research

The Northern research community is diverse: it includes people from the North and the South, involves artists and scientists from communities, government and academia as well as stakeholders and knowledge-holders from around the circumpolar world. 


Upcoming Presentations

Using Arts in support of a Participatory and Inclusive Learning Environments
3:00 PM, Tuesday 21 Jun 2022 (1 hour 45 minutes)
Auviqsaqtut inuit Studies Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This session will bring together northern and southern youth, community builders, arts-based researchers, cultural entrepreneurs and educators to share cultural and environmental observations, challenges and insights-based solutions for hands-on digital arts and technologies to tackle cultural and climate change through regenerative artistic creation, cultural entrepreneurship training and participatory video training. 

Climate, Outdoor

ArcticNet ASM 2022

Inclusion in Northern Research
December 5-8, 2022
ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings 2022
Toronto, Ontario

Our community of Northern research is diverse: it includes people from the North and the South, involves workers and scientists from communities, government and academia as well as stakeholders and knowledge-holders from across the Arctic Circle. Many different journeys led our members to where they are today, contributing to the richness of our community.