A visit to aabijijiwan

A highlight for our digital and cultural entrepreneurship project has been being able to visit and experience a lot of different places and spaces.

This week we were able to spend time visiting the aabijijiwan New Media Lab during Auviqsaqtut, this year’s Inuit Studies Conference.

The aabijijiwan New Media Lab and the Kishaadigeh Collaborative Research Centre at the University of Winnipeg are collaborative spaces centred on Indigenous methodologies.

Tony Eetak, Jaro Malanowski, Maeva Gauthier and Dr. Heather Heather Igloliorte at the aabijijiwan New Media Lab at the University of Winnipeg.
Auviqsaqtut Inuit Studies Conference attendees meet and connect during an artists reception at the aabijijiwan New Media Lab.
While at abijijiwan we got to take a look at their cool green screens and the equipment used in theaar virtual reality art and film projects.
Get funky! Can’t have a green screen around without having some fun with it!

We thank everyone at the aabijijiwan New Media Lab and the Auviqsaqtut organizers for making it possible to see and experience this incredible creative space.

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