ASM2021: Recreating Environments of Inclusion with Paul Sokoloff

This Episode features Paul Sokoloff (he/him), Senior Research Assistant at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Recreating Environments of Inclusion: Northern Research is a unique, evolving audio visual series featuring the Inclusion in Northern Research knowledge exchange community; and debuts an equity and inclusion toolkit with tangible actions for research and impact creation communities, and their emerging, collaborative partnerships.

In this first installment debuting at ArcticNet Annual Scientific Summit 2021, Northern and Southern scientists, researchers, cultural impact creators and community builders outline experiential challenges and bridge their insights into required solutions for co-creating a collaborative impact movement to address planetary challenges being faced in the Arctic regions.

We are grateful to each contributor for informing this toolkit, and committing to aware action as one ecosystem. Join our conversation and contribute your own insights and actions with #InclusionNorthernResearch #RecreatorsDesigns on social media.

Recreating Environments of Inclusion: Northern Research is an original transformation design creation from the ongoing Recreators series by LembasWorks.


Footage Courtesy: Canadian Museum of Nature

Writer: Paul Sokoloff

Series Conceptor, Creative Director & Producer, Theme Composer: Tara Baswani
Film Editor: River Prochaska
Background Score Producer, Sound Editor: Moses Baxter
Production Designer, Executive Producer: Remi Lemieux
Northern Inclusion advisory: Jamie Bell
EDI advisory: Marie-José Naud

Designed and Produced by LembasWorks

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