A Whirlwind of Excitement!

Ethan Caners was put his digital photography skills to the test and captured his first tornado just North East of Stony Mountain, where he lives. The recent Stonewall Collegiate graduate plans to apply to the University of Winnipeg Collegiate this fall with the goal of studying meteorology and environmental sciences. (Photo: Ethan Caners)

Just about everyone wisely fears the damage tornadoes can create. But for Our People Our Climate Winnipeg Incubator team member Ethan Caners, tornadoes represent a powerful career opportunity. 

This week he was able to put his photography lessons to the test as he captured his first tornado photos. 

This is what I have always wanted to see and learn about,” he said with excitement. “Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to study meteorology and extreme climate conditions. To get up close and personal with tornadoes.” The 17-year-old Stonewall Collegiate student graduated with merit this summer and plans to study environmental sciences at the University of Winnipeg. 

“I’ve always wanted to see and study a tornado up close.” 

-Ethan Caners 

“Right now, i feel I need to upgrade some of my courses first,” said Ethan. “My high school is in a really small community, and it wasn’t possible to get some of the pre-requisites I needed to get into my program. So I’m looking right now at applying to the University of Winnipeg Collegiate program because I think it offers just the right courses and the kind of learning environment to help me prepare.” 

The University of Winnipeg Collegiate offers the best of both worlds for Winnipeg students in grades 9 to 12—a high school at a university. Whether a student loves to study, is a potential future leader,  or has a special talent to nurture outside of class, they can thrive with the independence and flexibility of learning on a university campus, combined with the support of a close-knit community of educators who care deeply about student success.

The Collegiate is a safe and stimulating atmosphere, free from distractions and disruptions. Noted for accelerated courses, dual credits and its supportive learning environment, the Collegiate continues to build on a long tradition of academic excellence, critical thinking, and community spirit.

Capturing his first tornado photos aren’t just the only dream Ethan Caners achieved this summer. The 17-year-old student graduated from Stony Mountain this June with merit. Congratulations, Ethan!

In addition to volunteering with community-based research, Ethan greatly enjoys playing soccer and organized sports. “It’s good to be active,” he said. “When we were all locked down, it was hard to meet online or take part in stuff because of our slow rural Internet or other restrictions. Now though, with everything open again, I think it’s a really exciting time to be looking at university.”

What’s really fun about projects like this year’s digital and cultural entrepreneurship incubator initiative, says Caners, is how taking part can also lead to seeing new opportunities. “Taking part in projects like Our People Our Climate are helping rural youth like me get a taste of what it’s going to be like studying and working in climate change and environmental science communication-related fields.”

Most people wisely fear tornadoes for the damage they can create. But for Our People Our Climate Winnipeg Incubator team member Ethan Caners, tornadoes represent a powerful career opportunity. 

As a member of the Our People, Our Climate arts incubator initiative, youth like Ethan are able to support the urgent action needed to combat climate change and its impacts. Through conversation and land-based learning, Our People Our Climate explores visualizing convincing evidence to people to recognize climate change as real and relevant. This summer, students learned about scientific work on climate change and climate change visualization using digital tools, to recognize and create convincing visual documentation.

Student climate art from the OPOC Incubator will be exhibited this December.

Our People Our Climate

An experimental incubator for urban and land-based digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship training for next-generation Indigenous talent.