Canada has a plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel. It involves containing and isolating nuclear waste inside a deep geological repository, more than 500 metres underground in a suitable rock formation.

As part of this plan, a Centre of Expertise will be established at or near, the repository site following a positive siting decision for the selected region (Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation-Ignace area or Saugeen Ojibway Nation-South Bruce).

This facility will become one of the first large-scale physical features of the project and an important landmark for local residents and visitors.

The Centre of Expertise is envisioned to be a location supporting both world-class science and innovation and enriching social services identified by residents of the host communities, the Centre will also bring new, high-value jobs to the area including scientists and experts from a wide variety of disciplines for generations to come as the home for NWMO.

The current drawings are based on continuing conversations with the communities about the design and use of the Centre. Public feedback received to date has been reflected in the updated concepts of the facility. These conceptual renderings will be updated as part of the development of the Adaptive Phased Management Project in the future, shaped not only by NWMO needs but further community-based dialogue planned with both Indigenous communities, municipalities, and citizens of the region.

Further documentation speaking to continued evolution of the design and comments received to date will be published in the near term.

If you have any questions about the Centre of Expertise, please contact Mac Potter, Partnership Engagement Manager, at

Many countries are interested in deep geological disposal repositories for radioactive waste. Licensing a geological disposal facility for radioactive waste requires an integrated safety assessment that covers its operation and the time after it has closed, the so-called post-closure period.

Learn more about the Adaptive Phased Management Program here:

Step 3: Phase 2 – Field Studies and Engagement

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