2022 Programs

Emerging Inuk artist Tony Eetak spends a quiet moment after planning for the Auviqsaqtut 2022 Inuit Studies Conference.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship

Participants become acquainted with the materials, apply creative thinking by performing activities in the virtual and physical world, and finally examine and reflect on their actions in instructor-led sessions. The learning environment is gamified, with engaging activities in the 3D virtual world as well as some that are place-based at home.

Creativity for Entrepreneurship

Emergent curriculum helps high school and college-aged students in their journey to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Students understand the factors that inhibit creativity such as cultural, environmental, and perceptual blocks, through the experiential learning cycles.

Our People, Our Climate.

Beginning in early 2020, the project emerged as an international collaboration between West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre in Iqaluit, Kakivak Association, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, GRULAC Junior, Museum Cerny, University of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Film, photography and storytelling

Our People, Our Climate is a ground-breaking documentary film initiative, aiming to develop the storytelling skills of Nunavut youth and young adults. Inuit communities across Canada’s Arctic are essential to current climate change discussions, and this project brings together a range of young people in these communities to tell important stories through a unique and distinct cultural lens. 

The Digital Arts and Culture Incubator is an experimental urban and land-based arts and culture training program for next-generation Indigenous talent, with the goal to incubate sustainable self-employment. 


Using Arts in support of a Participatory and Inclusive Learning Environments
3:00 PM, Tuesday 21 Jun 2022 (1 hour 45 minutes)
Auviqsaqtut inuit Studies Conference

This proposed project will bring together northern and southern youth, community builders, arts-based researchers, cultural creators and educators to share cultural and environmental observations, challenges and insights-based solutions for hands-on digital arts and technologies to tackle cultural and climate change through regenerative artistic creation, cultural entrepreneurship training and participatory video training.