Related Post Secondary Courses

Accounting Concepts I
Course Code ACC110
is course provides a conceptual approach to the study of the basic principles of accounting and financial statements. The accounting cycle, as an aid to the preparation of financial statements, will be applied.

Accounting Concepts II
Course Code AC210
In this course a particular emphasis is given to the application of accounting principles in the disclosure of assets, liabilities and equity. A study is made of the uses of financial data by interested parties and management.

Basic Spreadsheeting
Course Code BUS207
Students learn fundamental spreadsheet concepts and acquire the skills necessary to create spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Focus is placed on the appropriate problem-solving techniques and logical decision making necessary to create effective spreadsheets. Students will use Microsoft Excel’s statistical analysis tools, data formatting tools, and charting tools to create useful charts for data analysis.

Recreation, Leisure and Therapeutic Recreation Program Planning
Course Code SSW304
Course content explores the theory and practice of recreation program planning with senior populations. Recreation program design incorporates theories of aging leisure health lifestyle wellness and quality of life. Students learn the rudiments of recreation program design and budgeting.

Course Code: ECN203
This course introduces the student to the study of economics. The social science of economics explains how countries, businesses, and individuals tackle the problem of scarce resources in order to satisfy needs and wants. The course introduces economic principles such as opportunity costs, demand, supply, and elasticity. The course covers both micro and macro topics such as unemployment, inflation, economic indicators, government intervention and production costs.

Facilities Management
Course Code: SRM301
Facility Management is concerned with the daily administrative practices and procedures used to govern a variety of operations in sport and recreation facilities. The student in this subject will gain applied experience in a professional manner in such areas as: concessions, risk management, maintenance, Scheduling, and staffing.

Techno Marketing 
Course Code MRK340
Many marketers feel that the emergence of social media is the most important aspect of marketing today. The demand for educated personnel with the latest technological marketing skills is vital. This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the new technology being utilized in present day marketing. Focus will be placed on communicating to a fragmented mobile and multi-tasking audience. Specific topics will investigate the use of marketing via the internet email mobile applications related technologies such as advergaming social media (Blogs Youtube Social Networking sites) search engine optimization as well as the issues related to these items.

Public and Media Relations 
Course Code SRM400
This course offers the fundamental concepts of public relations to students focusing on the strategies and tactics of media relations. The skills and techniques required in this field are regularly practiced by students throughout the course. Emphasis will be placed on public and media relations in the sport industry.

Course Code SRM502
Leadership once meant directing the work of others but the advent of modern leadership theory combined with team work and total quality management techniques requires much more of today’s leader. This course allows students to study leadership theories and experience self-management skills and team-building skills. Students will be involved in activities that will provide opportunities to practice leadership and teamwork skills.

Programming For Parks, Recreation, And Leisure Services 
Code SRM604
This course allows students to apply concepts previously studied as they bring together practical foundations for planning, promoting, implementing and evaluating recreation programs. Risk management, financial concepts and strategies, demographics economics and aging populations are some of the factors that will allow students to develop a detailed understanding of the program planning process in municipal recreation, private enterprise, community development organizations and non-profit agencies.

Global Sport 
Course Code SRM601
Sport touches the lives of billions of people on a number of different levels. The purpose of this course is to study the growth and development of sport domestically internationally and globally. This course examines the profile of significant sports and sport systems around the world. Throughout history sport has served many purposes. It has been used as a tool in the making of nations a means to promote nationalism, a route to forge international relations through sport exchanges, improve physical and health education and serve political purposes. Recently numerous international organizations have put in place programs and initiatives to provide sporting opportunities for the citizens of developing nations in an attempt to improve the quality of life.

Sport And Recreation Human Resource Management
Course Code SRM403

This course introduces the study of human resource management concepts in sport and recreation. Students will learn to apply knowledge of the HR function to the operation of sport and recreation organizations and facilities. Activities and tasks of HR will be defined and discussed. Strategies for effective working relationships with a variety of co-workers and supervisors will be identified.

Events Marketing 
This course provides students with an understanding of the marketing process as it relates to sports and events. Marketing is the key component leading to success in any event or sport. Marketers design activities to generate and facilitate exchanges between organizations and consumers and must know how to plan price promote research and understand consumer behavior. Necessary functions in this field are the marketing of goods services people places and ideas. The demand for educated personnel with marketing skills has become vital to success in this industry.